August 25, 2007

Engine: 4G63

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4G63 Engine Mods: The Mitsubishi 4G63 engine: These engines went through
several mutations over the years but kept their architecture and extreme output
unaltered. The 4G63 engine is a long stroke engine (i.e. bore is smaller than stroke)
thus favoring torque over high-rev output. Mitsubishi chose to use a relatively high
compression ratio, for a turbocharged engine, 8.8:1, and has therefore limited the
maximum boost pressure allowed to a value lower than 1.5 bar in order to avoid
detonation. The high compression ratio is an interesting and relatively innovative
approach as these engines tend to be more responsive off boost than other turbocharged
engines using the more classic 8:1 or lower compression ratio. In racing spec
however the compression ratio used is lower than in commercial guise as in this
situation off boost performance is not part of the blueprint. Note that the turbo inlet
(nozzle) area has had its diameter reduced from 105mm in previous versions to
98mm in order to favor low end response rather than high rev output. The turbo
compressor wheel diameter is unchanged at 68mm. Overall the engines output
remains unchanged at 280bhp (the Japanese legal limit) while torque gains 1kgm
and now reaches 39kgm but a whole 900rpm higher than the previous version.

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