May 23, 2009

jual beli kereta disini 24 Mei 2009

Kia's car put up for sale
Wish to sell Kia spectra (n0vus)
in good condition
contact 0199821324 - by RH

Perodua Kancil to be bought
anyone want sell Perodua Kancil auto?
contact 0134174640 - by Along80

would like to search new car or used?
contact to further information 0176635181 - by Ezam

find Gen 2
I would like to search Gen 2 black
anyone who want sell Gen 2 black can contact 0162289740 by epan

May 11, 2009

jual beli kereta terpakai 12 mei

kereta kancil to be bought
find kancil auto,
want immediately
pls contact 0134174640 - by ALONG80

looking for toyota celica.
price under 87k. arrange loan for me.
email - by ariffz

anyone want sell van
year 90an below 5k
pay cash cal 0132628947 - by sue

Proton Waja or Wira to be bought
find Proton waja car or wira
kawasan kedah, contact 012-5674284 - by Faizal

May 10, 2009

honda untuk dibeli

Honda to be bought
anyone want sell Honda year 2000 upper..
indifferent what kinds of honda .
plz call 0192313446 - by anuar

van or car wagen sought
I want find van or car wagen long,
tel:0134156150 - by nizam(ipoh)

naza put up for sale
naza silk year 2006 put up for sale
please contact 0136687576 - by syafiq

van put up for sale
van panel thn96 price can be runding.
contact 0132234417 - by Ranggiguy

jual beli kereta terpakai

pajero car to be bought
Want find Pajero Evolution / Pajero SWB
2 door call me at 012 9218806 - by dickhooi

Toyota put up for sale
toyota GL conv:SR20 rcing clutch,
full lock LSD,adjstble absbr jic n many xtra.
nice 2 digit no.GL original body
only rm17.8k neg.0194104494 - by SIFU_TURBO

Mazda put up for sale
want sell mazda astina,year 1991.
very good condition.
price rm 7,400 can be discuss.
call 0124021860 - by Abu

Iswara to be sold
greet interested want buy iswara year 2000
colours dark gray sedan, condition good,
well groomed car, rm 9k can be discussion
another call 0192042047 - by Palis