August 28, 2007

Before You Buy...

sebelum membeli kereta terpakai

tak kira membeli kereta terpakai from a dealer or an individual:

  • periksa kereta using an inspection checklist. You can find checklists in majalah kereta and books and on Internet sites that deal with used cars;
  • test dulu kereta tersebut under varied road conditions — on hills, highways, and in stop-and-go-traffic;
  • ask for the car’s maintenance record from the owner, dealer, or repair shop; and
  • hire a mechanic to inspect the car.

pertimbangkan perkara lain sebelum membeli kereta terpakai

banyak yang kena difikir setelah membeli kereta terpakai, include insurance, gas, maintenance and repairs. Here are some tips to help you save money:

  • Compare coverage and premiums with several insurance companies. Buy from a low-price, licensed insurer, or add your teen to your policy. Some companies offer discounts to students with good grades. Remind your teenager that it pays to drive safely and observe speed limits. Traffic violations can cost money in tickets and higher insurance premiums.
  • Pump your own gas and use the octane level your owner’s manual specifies.
  • Keep your car in safe driving condition. Following the vehicle’s maintenance schedule can help forestall costly repairs.
  • Look for a mechanic who is certified, well established, and communicates well about realistic repair options and costs. Find one who has done good work for someone you know.

lihat lagi about kereta terpakai tips

Dealer or Private Sale?

beli kereta terpakai antara dealer vs persendirian

The Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule requires dealers to post a
Buyers Guide in every used car they offer for sale. Pembeli kereta terpakai
mestilah melihat

  • adakah kereta terpakai is being sold "as is" or with a warranty;
  • berapa peratus penjual kereta terpakai will pay under the warranty;
  • the fact that spoken promises are difficult to enforce; and
  • the major mechanical and electrical systems on the car,
  • including some of the major problems you should look out for.

tips menjamin kereta kita memuaskan walaupun kereta terpakai

  • get all promises in writing;
  • keep the Buyers Guide for reference after the sale; and
  • keselesaan pembeli kereta by an independent mechanic before the purchase.

tetapi membeli kereta terpakai dari private tidak terikat seperti
dealer kereta, or by "implied warranties" of state law. A private sale
probably will be "as is" — you’ll have to pay for anything that goes wrong
after the sale.

I can’t wait to get my own car

sedia untuk membeli kereta terpakai?

"I can’t wait to get my own car."

dah biasa dengarkan,, terutama for guys yang tak sabar dah nak
pakai kereta, tak kira kereta terpakai atau kereta baru,,the point
is kereta.It may save you serious money. Consider driving habits, kereta
apa, kereta bagaimana?. Research models, options, costs, repair records,
safety tests, and mileage through libraries, book stores, and web sites.

kereta terpakai secara tunai atau hutang?

macam biasa pembayaran kereta terpakai ada 2 cara, full payment
or finance balik kereta tersebut. Financing balik kereta terpakai will
increases the total cost of the car because you’re also paying for the cost
of credit, including interest and other loan costs. You also must consider how
much money you can put down, the monthly payment, the loan term, and the
Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Biasanya rates yang tinggi bagi kereta terpakai
berbanding kereta baru. Dealers and lenders offer a variety of loan terms. Shop
around and help your teenager negotiate the best possible deal. Be cautious about
financing offers for first-time buyers. They can require a big down payment and a
high APR. To get a lower rate, you may decide to cosign the loan for your teen. If
money is tight, jika anda mempunyai banyak wang, beli kereta terpakai secara cash.

August 26, 2007

tips berguna

tips yang sangat berguna bagi anda yang ingin membeli kereta terpakai

Checklist bagi kereta terpakai yang ingin dibeli

When you shop for a used car, you may find the following checklist helpful. Make sure you or your mechanic check for cracks, leaks, breaks, abnormal noises, and missing or inoperable parts in the systems of the car listed below.

___ Frame and body: Is the frame straight and solid?

  • ___ Engine: apa yang teramat pentingsebelum membeli kereta terpakai ialah bahagian enjin. Is there excessive oil leakage? Are the belts in place? Is the block or head cracked? Is the exhaust normal?

    ___ Transmission and drive shaft: Is the transmission fluid proper and seepage normal? Is the transmission solid? Is the drive shaft in good shape?

    ___ Differential: Does the differential operate quietly without excessive seepage?

    ___ Cooling system: system penyejuk bagi kereta terpakai kebiasaannya agak kurang memuaskan,,Does the water pump function properly? Is there any leakage, including any from the radiator?

    ___ Electrical system: yang penting dan jarang diambil perhatian sewaktu membuat penilaian terhadap kereta terpakai. Does the battery leak? Do the alternator, generator, battery, and starter work properly?

    ___ Fuel system: Is there any visible leakage?

    ___ Accessories: Do gauges and warning devices work? Do the air conditioner, heater, and defroster work?

    ___ Brake system: walau pun anda beracadang ingin menggantikan sytem kereta anda dengan yang baru, tetapi ia wajib dilihat dalam menilai kereta terpakai. Do the warning lights work? Is the brake pedal firm under pressure? Does the vehicle stop in a straight line? Check the hoses, drum and lining for soundness. Are structural and mechanical parts solid?

    ___ Steering system: kereta yang tidak dijaga dengan sempurna agak berbeza dari segi system ini. Is there too much free play in the steering? Are the front wheels aligned properly? Check the power unit belts for cracks or slippage and the unit fluid levels.

    ___ Suspension system: Are the ball joint seals intact? Are the structural parts solid and straight? Are springs and shocks properly connected? Check shock absorbers for leakage and loose mountings.

    ___ Tires: perbezaan ketara antara kereta terpakai dan kereta baru. Check the tread for depth of wear, the tire sizes for matching, and for any other obvious damage.

    ___ Wheels: Look for any visible cracks, damage, or repairs. Check for loose or missing mounting bolts.

    ___ Exhaust system: Check for leakage and exhaust smoke when the engine is running.

  • August 25, 2007



    you can buying or selling here

    Engine: 4G63

    kereta terpakai malaysia info
    4G63 Engine Mods: The Mitsubishi 4G63 engine: These engines went through
    several mutations over the years but kept their architecture and extreme output
    unaltered. The 4G63 engine is a long stroke engine (i.e. bore is smaller than stroke)
    thus favoring torque over high-rev output. Mitsubishi chose to use a relatively high
    compression ratio, for a turbocharged engine, 8.8:1, and has therefore limited the
    maximum boost pressure allowed to a value lower than 1.5 bar in order to avoid
    detonation. The high compression ratio is an interesting and relatively innovative
    approach as these engines tend to be more responsive off boost than other turbocharged
    engines using the more classic 8:1 or lower compression ratio. In racing spec
    however the compression ratio used is lower than in commercial guise as in this
    situation off boost performance is not part of the blueprint. Note that the turbo inlet
    (nozzle) area has had its diameter reduced from 105mm in previous versions to
    98mm in order to favor low end response rather than high rev output. The turbo
    compressor wheel diameter is unchanged at 68mm. Overall the engines output
    remains unchanged at 280bhp (the Japanese legal limit) while torque gains 1kgm
    and now reaches 39kgm but a whole 900rpm higher than the previous version.

    proton persona review

    proton persona review

    Proton Persona

    I guess today is the day that most of you have been waiting for – the day that the car that promises to set off a snowball effect of recovery at Proton. First sightings of the new
    sedan were early this year in April, but we actually got to see 3D renderings
    of it in March. Little did we know that it was a real car to be put into production.

    As most of you have known by now thanks to a tip off by The Edge, the new Proton
    sedan is called the Proton Persona. The name is not unfamiliar as it has been used
    before for the UK market Proton Wira. This makes the name somewhat apt, as it is
    finally the car that will replace the Wira, something the GEN2 did not do when it was introduced a few years ago.

    Proton has taken steps to ensure the Proton Persona is what the customer wants,
    not what the management wants. Many models clinics and surveys have been conducted
    to ensure market acceptance. After my first impression of the car at the media preview
    earlier this week, I must say that Proton has done a relatively good job with this car!

    Read more on the Proton Persona after the jump, or click here.

    Proton Persona

    Most of you have an idea of what the exterior looks like already. It’s basically a
    with a boot. Other than the tail lamps, the entire car from the B-pillar onwards
    has been reworked. The new car is 167mm longer than the Proton GEN2, and 12mm
    longer than the Proton Waja. The boot is a respectable 430 liters in size, which is larger
    than the Toyota Vios at 400 liters. It also features a lock, something that was missing
    on the Proton GEN2. A 60:40 split rear bench folds flat in case you need more space.

    Rear headroom has been improved by 43mm over the GEN2 thanks to a redesigned
    roof curve at the rear. It now measures at 980mm, compared to 950mm in the Vios
    and 970mm in the City! It only loses out to the Myvi which has a pretty tall roof at 995mm.

    Proton Persona

    2007 Honda Civic

    honda civic 2007
    New Civic Si sedan joins winning lineup.


    The compact class remains one of the most competitive in the new car market, in number of entries as well as price. Honda in 2006 re-staked its claim to the head of the class with the introduction of a completely reworked and updated Civic. And not just in the mainstream, family-car niche, but in the sporty subcompact arena, too, with the return of a hopped-up coupe, the Si, the latest reincarnation of the late, lamented CRX.

    For 2007, everything pretty much remains the same, with one notable exception. Civic buyers with families may now have their cake and eat it, too. Honda has expanded the four-door sedan line to include an Si version, in almost every measure save the number of doors the equal of the Si coupe. It has the same 197-horsepower engine, the same six-speed manual transmission, and the same four-wheel disc brake setup. Honda's engineers tweaked its suspension to compensate for the sedan's longer wheelbase. Front-seat passengers get the Si coupe's sport seats. And both Si editions come standard with an electronic stability program for added control in emergency maneuvers.

    Honda also continues offering a natural gas-powered sedan, the GX, which the company introduced during the 2006 model year. Availability is limited to residents of New York and California and fleets there and elsewhere.

    The Civic Hybrid sedan uses a 1.3-liter four-cylinder coupled with a permanent magnet electric motor and a continuously variable transmission. This reduces emissions dramatically, while improving fuel economy.

    The 2007 Honda Civic is available in coupe and sedan versions. The DX, LX, and EX models share a 140-hp, 1.8-liter four-cylinder with a standard five-speed manual transmission and an optional five-speed automatic. The base coupe with a 140-horsepower, four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission starts at $14,810 MSRP. Other cars in the class may undercut the Civic on pricing, but the Civic includes important safety features, including side-impact airbags that others leave on the option list.

    kereta terpakai 25hb

    kereta terpakai
    honda for sale
    price : RM 18 000.
    place : tawau.
    well maintained
    engine 2.0
    finished installment

    call me: tahir -019 8417520

    August 19, 2007

    honda eg9

    kereta terpakai malaysia 2007
    kereta terpakai : honda eg 9

    Hi guys,

    I am selling my car, original Honda Civic E-EG9 with original B16A engine, interior & exterior parts.

    Colour : Dark Green
    Transmission : Manual
    Engine : B16A
    Interior : Original EG9
    Price : RM38k nego

    kereta terpakai : Engine

    1. MUGEN Twin Loop JASMA Exhaust (Original)
    2. 5ZIGEN 4-2-1 JASMA Exhaust Manifold (bought new with JASMA certificate & box)
    3. K&N Open Pod Air Filter


    1. EG9 Door Visor (Original)
    2. EG9 fog light (Original)

    kereta terpakai : Chassis & Wheels

    1. 15" EVO Regamaster running on 195/50/R15 FALKEN AZENIS ST115 rubbers
    2. SPOON Absorbers front & rear
    3. BENDIX Metal King Brake pads (Rear) & Nissin Pads (Front)

    kereta terpakai : Interior

    1. CROMAX Door Glass
    2. Alarm System
    3. 400W Equalizer
    4. Standard Speakers

    kereta terpakai : Description

    1. Car in good condition, no leaking whatsoever. See to believe. All service records available

    2. Nice KL registration plate number – WFX 7117

    3. kereta terpakai : Location : Kuala Lumpur & Perak

    4. All Documents & AP available

    kereta terpakai : owner Contact Number


    August 17, 2007

    ogos 18hb

    kereta terpakai malaysia 2007

    kereta terpakai
    1. honda accord 2.2 (A)
    year - 1995
    -well maintained
    -accident free
    -loan RM 26,200
    -tip top condition
    -price RM 26,900
    -contact 013-6666626
    -location- kajang

    kereta terpakai
    2. honda civic 1.6 (A)/ (M)
    -well maintained
    -trade in welcome
    -contact - 017-258 3396, 016-2070844
    -location kajang

    kereta terpakai
    3. honda civic 1.6 EFI (A)
    -year 1994
    -well maintained
    -price RM 22,800
    -contact 019-333 1234, 016-2738806
    -location klang

    August 10, 2007

    kereta terpakai - honda integra

    kereta terpakai di malaysia

    B16A Big Vtec (2 Doors)
    kereta terpakai - honda integra specification

    Black Color Honda integra DA6 2 Doors for sales.
    Imported with AP Year 90/93
    Original Sunroof.
    Rear windscreen with wiper.
    16 inch sport rim with 205/45/ZR16 Silverstone FTZ Sport >90% thread remaining.
    Engine B16A Big VTEC
    Automatic tranmission with LSD with sport mode
    All items is stock standard.
    Alarm with motion sensor.
    New Platinum Spark Plug

    Pioneer DEH2850MP with MP3/CD player.
    Front 2 ways speaker
    Rear 4 ways speaker
    400W Amp
    8inch PYLE subwoofer.

    Price RM23,000 (Without ICE)
    Price RM24,000 (With ICE)

    I am the owner, loan you have to find yourself, prefer cash buyer.
    Call me 012-2035888

    Lower sport spring will be given FOC. Currently the car is using standard spring.

    All wear and tear had been replaced.
    No Repair Needed, just buy and drive.
    No Major Accident.

    Item replaced

    Front and rear brake pad
    Front and rear bush
    All engine mounting
    4 pcs 205/45/ZR16 Siverston FTZ Sport tyre
    Aircon valve
    Aircon Filter
    Wiper Blade
    timing belt
    Platinum Spark Plug

    Steering Rack
    Steering Rod
    Steering Hose
    Boot absober
    Aircond compressor
    Radiator Fan

    Name:  hondafront.JPG Views: 2287 Size:  26.8 KB

    Name:  hondarear.JPG Views: 2266 Size:  34.4 KB

    Name:  hondaside.JPG Views: 2243 Size:  28.1 KB

    Name:  hondainterior.JPG Views: 2236 Size:  46.6 KB

    Name:  hondasunroof.JPG Views: 2216 Size:  45.3 KB

    kereta terpakai malaysia

    August 9, 2007

    PV6 Twin Turbo Yr 2001 For Sale

    kereta terpakai untuk dijual

    PV6 Twin Turbo Yr 2001 For Sale

    Letting go my Proton Perdana V6 2001 (M)

    Here some the details

    - E84A Galant V6 VR4 6A12 Twin Turbo engine (240ps)
    - E84A Galant V6 VR4 4wd manual transmision (locked to 2wd)
    - Custom Oversized Downpipe and Full 3" Exhaust System with Tanabe Backbox
    - K&N Open Pod with pipercross adapter
    - Sard R2D2 Bov
    - Apexi Pen-Type Timer
    - Blitz Digital Boost Gauge
    - GFB Boost Controller
    - HKS FCD
    - Ralliart Hi-Flow Fuel Pump
    - HWL MT1 Adjustables - Factory Custom V6TT Setting
    - 17" CE28NF Replica Wheels with 215/45ZR17 Goodyear/Falken tyres
    - and more

    Stock Exterior and Interior, Stock Stereo with 6-disc changer
    New timing belt and Tyres.
    Good Condition. Problem Free.
    Almost accident free.

    Price Revised to RM 49k (neg)

    Reluctant Sale, Interested Parties Kindly PM or SMS to 016 3360 787

    kereta terpakai untuk dijual

    E36 Supercharge For Sale

    kereta terpakai untuk dijual

    E36 Supercharge For Sale

    325i Limited Edition ( 94/95 )
    Year : 1994 ( Manual Transmission )
    Condition : Tip Top Condition
    Specification : 2.5 Litre With ELT/Dinan Supercharge
    Disc Brake : 4 Pot Brembo ( All Round )
    Bodykit : Original M3 Bodykit
    Exhaust System : Full Racing Dynamics
    Rims : 18 Inch Rims ( BBS RG )
    Colour : Pearl Yellow
    Many Extra To List Down!

    Price : RM60K

    View To Believe
    Contact Person : Sazman
    Contact Number : 012-3226464
    Contact Person : Zul
    Contact Number : 012-6800806

    Location : KL / Old Klang Road

    kereta terpakai untuk dijual

    Proton Saga 1.5i for Sale

    kereta terpakai untuk dijual
    Proton Saga 1.5i for Sale

    Proton Saga 1.5i (1991) For Sale


    On behalf of my Sis.

    Make: Proton
    Model: Saga
    Year: 1991
    Chassis Code, body type: C22, 4-door Aeroback
    Engine/Transmission: Carb 4G15P 12 valve SOHC (Megavalve), 3 speed auto (gearbox changed to Proton Wira C97 autobox in 2006)
    Trim: Full "I" - Istimewa Spec - pseudo-bucket seat, Lancer Fiore/Export Spec type door trim, foldable rear seats, electrically controlled side mirrors (MMC Japan made)
    Colour: Late 90's/Early 2000's Iswara Light Green, re-painted and de-rusted 3 years ago, and still going strong, No rusts whatsoever. See to believe. Original colour was "Istimewa" maroon.
    Modification: Nil.

    Reason for selling: Owner recently acquired a new car, making a total of 3 cars in the compound. Just high time to let go albeit holding a strong sentimental value.
    Current owner (lady owner, medical doctor) uses the car occasionally to work. Very well-maintained. Many parts are still original factory/Mitsubishi parts, even the airfilter housing still has the 3 diamond logo on it.

    The car can be viewed within the radius of Nilai, Sepang & Salak Tinggi.
    Serious buyers only please.

    Price: RM6500 NEGOTIABLE

    Please call 019-3298824 (Faris/Haiza)

    kereta terpakai untuk dijual

    August 4, 2007

    kereta terpakai Myvi

    kereta terpakai malaysia

    Proton Myvi for sale.

    kereta terpakai :
    Model Myvi 1.3 auto premium Dec 2005.
    warna ozzy orange
    ABS/ Airbags
    milage :18k++

    good condition.

    price :
    RM 40,8000

    penjual kereta terpakai Myvi
    Untuk keterangan lanjut,sila hubungi
    012-3091977 .Sekian.

    kereta terpakai honda

    kereta terpakai honda
    Honda Shadow 600 for sale.. Custom!

    kereta terpakai specification
    1. engine (cc): 600cc
    2. black colour
    3. years:1997
    4. Location: Jalan Ipoh, KL. Orang Batu Pahat Johor nak tengok pun
    bleh.. aku selalu balik kampung.
    5. Nice Sound
    6. Good condition… mcm jaga bini..
    7. Pick up bagus… tip top sehhh…
    8. Lampu depan custom.
    9. Accident free, gran pun ada…
    10. Harga: 15,500 (negotiable)

    kereta terpakai owner
    Jangan lengah2.. panas ni...
    Berminat sila hubungi owner.... Zali 019-3835284 / email:

    August 3, 2007

    honda civic EG4

    kereta terpakai honda civic EG4

    kereta terpakai specification

    -year 94/99 (import model)
    -new paint - ice white
    -15" Work-imitation wheels
    -enjin std 1.5 SOHC Vtec D15B. rated 125bhp @ flywheel.
    -only engine-related mod - Mugen twin-loop muffler + new exhaust piping
    -already tinted titanium silver.
    -stock interior. carefully maintained by me.

    price is RM25K. call me @ 0124602558 @ 09-7653440 @

    proton wira

    kereta terpakai malaysia. proton wira

    kereta terpakai information

    TAHUN 1995
    RM 19 500 ( ON ROAD )
    LOAN RM 20 000

    more specification:

    contact no:
    EN.ADAM, 019-9655821

    August 1, 2007

    proton waja

    Ad Posted:31 Julai 2007
    Ad Expire:30 Ogos 2007
    User Information:
    Posted by:lina
    User Location:ampang
    Ad Information:



    Loan:FULL LOAN

    Deposit:0' DOWN PAYMENT

    Ad Description:

    TAHUN 2002
    1 OWNER

    kereta terpakai iswara

    JIKA BERMINAT SILA HUBUNGI LINA 012-3052186 / OFF 03-42802877


    kereta terpakai malaysia

    Ad Posted:25 Julai 2007
    Ad Expire:24 Ogos 2007
    User Information:

    Posted by:lina
    User Location:ampang

    Ad Information:




    Loan:FULL LOAN


    Ad Description:

    TAHUN 1999
    100% LOAN
    7 TAHUN
    TEL OFF. : 03-42802877
    H/P : 012-3052186 LINA


    kereta terpakai citroen

    rifa razak
    Address: bayan baru
    Postal Code: 11950
    State > City: Penang > Bayan Lepas
    Country: Malaysia
    Phone: 0164588437 Please quote Adpost when calling

    Category: Cars
    Ad Number: 5634
    Date Posted: 08/01/2007
    Make: Citroen
    Model: xantia
    Year: 1996
    Price: 13k
    Capacity: 2000 cc
    Color: Silver
    Body Type: 4-door
    Engine Type: Petrol
    Transmission: Manual
    Owners: 2
    Condition: Used
    Advertiser: Owner

    Air Bags check mark Air Conditioning

    Anti-Lock Brakes check mark Power Lock check mark Premium Sound

    Reconditioned check mark Renewed Tax
    Inspection Cert

    tips membeli kereta terpakai 4

    Tips membeli kereta terpakai

    Whether you buy a used car from a dealer or an individual, follow these tips to learn as much as you can about the vehicle.

    Examine the car yourself using an inspection checklist. You can find a checklist in many of the magazine articles, books and Internet sites that deal with buying a used car.

    Test drive the car under varied road conditions—on hills, highways, and in stop-and-go traffic.

    Ask for the car’s maintenance record. If the owner doesn’t have copies, contact the dealership or repair shop where most of the work was done. They may share their files with you.

    Talk to the previous owner, especially if the present owner is unfamiliar with the car’s history.

    Have the car inspected by a mechanic you hire. It’s best to have any used car inspected by an independent mechanic before you buy it. For about $100 or less, you’ll get a general indication of the mechanical condition of the vehicle. An inspection is a good idea even if the car has been "certified" and inspected by the dealer and is being sold with a warranty or service contract. A mechanical inspection is different from a safety inspection. Safety inspections usually focus on conditions that make a car unsafe to drive. They are not designed to determine the overall reliability or mechanical condition of a vehicle.

    ·There are no standard operating procedures for pre-purchase inspections. Ask what the inspection includes, how long it takes, and the price.Once the vehicle has been inspected, ask the mechanic for a written report with a cost estimate for all necessary repairs. Be sure the report includes the vehicle’s make, model and VIN. Make sure you understand every item. If you decide to make a purchase offer to the dealer after considering the inspection’s results, you can use the estimated repair costs to negotiate the price of the vehicle.

    tips membeli kereta terpakai 3

    Tips membeli kereta terpakai

    car from a dealer or an individual, follow these tips to learn as much
    as you can about the vehicle.

    Examine the car yourself using an inspection checklist. You can find a checklist
    in many of the magazine articles, books and Internet sites that deal with buying
    a used car.

    Test drive the car under varied road conditions—on hills, highways, and in
    stop-and-go traffic.

    Ask for the car’s maintenance record. If the owner doesn’t have copies, contact the
    dealership or repair shop where most of the work was done. They may share their files with you.

    Talk to the previous owner, especially if the present owner is unfamiliar
    with the car’s history.

    Have the car inspected by a mechanic you hire. It’s best to have any used car
    inspected by an independent mechanic before you buy it. For about $100 or less,
    you’ll get a general indication of the mechanical condition of the vehicle. An inspection
    is a good idea even if the car has been "certified" and inspected by the dealer and is being sold with a warranty or service contract. A mechanical inspection is different from a safety inspection. Safety inspections usually focus on conditions that make a car unsafe to drive. They are not designed to determine the overall reliability or mechanical condition of a vehicle.

    tips membeli kereta terpakai 2

    lagi tips tambahan
    kereta terpakai

    jadual penyeliaan kereta

    This checklist would be helpful to take along to make sure you dont forget anything.

    perhatikan karat pada kereta

    Appear on the inside wings, bulkhead, cross members and chassis members under the bonnet. If you get any it is best to leave the car.

    Under the car inspect the side sills, chassis legs, cross members and sub frames. If you feel there is a problem, gently tap the area with a hammer or push hard with your hand. If it gives way, the metal may be damaged.

    Check for corrosion on the floor.

    Check that the brake pipes are not crusted with rust

    Inspect suspension and steering mounts.

    keadaan engin kereta

    Look at the oil; very black oil indicates that the car has not been frequently or recently serviced. Beige and thick oil indicates that there may be a head gasket escape.

    Inspect the coolant it should not be red and rusty looking.

    Pay attention to the engine start up from frosty verify that there is no black/blue smoke emanating from the exhaust. The oil light should go out speedily. Also, there should not be any knocking or rattling noises.

    The car should idle efficiently with no revving, pinking (tinny rattling) or misfiring.

    pandu uji sebelum membeli kereta terpakai

    The car should get into gear simply. There should be no crunching or slipping. Slipping can be verified by driving uphill in top gear.

    For cars with automatic transmission, make sure to measure the fluid levels. If it smells burnt it is best to avoid the vehicle.

    Verify that the vehicle handles well its steering is reactive and not shaky and it doesnt pull to one side.

    The brakes should work speedily and simply. The pedal shouldnt be resistant and shouldnt go all the way down to the floor. There should be no shuddering when the brakes are applied. The car should not swerve to one side.

    The tires should all have enough tread (exterior edge of 10p piece) and there should be no furrows.

    If the numbers in the odometer are out of line, the odometer could have been tampered.

    Be sensitive of the situation of the vehicle and whether this is in line with its mileage.

    Look under the carpet between the front and back doors for any signs of welding. This could specify that 2 halves have been fixed together. This would make the car extremely unsafe.

    If you still have worries at this stage it is better to leave the car and look for something else. After all, you also want peace of mind, along with the car. the car and are not responsible for any damages.

    tips membeli kereta terpakai 1

    panduan membeli kereta terpakai

    membeli kereta terpakai

    Make a financial plan and stick to it. The financial plan should factor in the price of insurance, fuel, MOT, road tax and servicing.

    You need to judge what you will be using it for transporting kids, pets, driving long distances often or for free time use. Once you know what you are going to use it for, deciding on the make and model would become easier.

    Decide how you are going to pay for the car an individual loan is one choice for this type of buy. It may be best to figure out the economics before going any additional distance, else you may be forced to change your financial plan.

    Shop around browse the Internet to get suggestions of the types of car and what the existing prices are. Visit car websites like UnoCarDealers that focus on used car sales. There are in addition certified used car dealers who offer more privileges and safeguards than with buying confidentially. Take a look around a selection of these and be prepared to face hardsell tactics!

    Inspect cars in bright light faults may get hidden in dim light. Taking along a friend (preferably a mechanic), may be a good idea. They may notice what you ignore.

    Inspect the car at the sellers house rather than letting them drive it to you. You get an idea where the car is coming from.

    Verify all the papers carefully this could save you any future headaches. Inspect in the log book (V5) and ensure the name matches that of the seller (for private sales). Make sure to get the service history and records, MOT certificate (for vehicles over 3yrs old) and receipts for repairs or maintenance.

    Make sure all the dates add up/make sense.

    Organize an independent inspection this often pays for itself as it can raise any potentially serious or costly problems. The RAC and Green Flag offer these, as do many other motoring organizations.

    Get an HPI check this is very valuable as it identifies any stolen, written off or cloned vehicles.

    Get a test drive this should be at least 20 minutes over a selection of dissimilar roads (highways, and city roads). It allows you to make a decision if the car is comfortable and whether it grips well. Pay attention to any bumps, rattles or squeaks that could indicate trouble.

    Be prepared to bargain, and do not buy instantaneously. It is worth mentioning that you have been looking around and are conscious of cost.

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