August 26, 2007

tips berguna

tips yang sangat berguna bagi anda yang ingin membeli kereta terpakai

Checklist bagi kereta terpakai yang ingin dibeli

When you shop for a used car, you may find the following checklist helpful. Make sure you or your mechanic check for cracks, leaks, breaks, abnormal noises, and missing or inoperable parts in the systems of the car listed below.

___ Frame and body: Is the frame straight and solid?

  • ___ Engine: apa yang teramat pentingsebelum membeli kereta terpakai ialah bahagian enjin. Is there excessive oil leakage? Are the belts in place? Is the block or head cracked? Is the exhaust normal?

    ___ Transmission and drive shaft: Is the transmission fluid proper and seepage normal? Is the transmission solid? Is the drive shaft in good shape?

    ___ Differential: Does the differential operate quietly without excessive seepage?

    ___ Cooling system: system penyejuk bagi kereta terpakai kebiasaannya agak kurang memuaskan,,Does the water pump function properly? Is there any leakage, including any from the radiator?

    ___ Electrical system: yang penting dan jarang diambil perhatian sewaktu membuat penilaian terhadap kereta terpakai. Does the battery leak? Do the alternator, generator, battery, and starter work properly?

    ___ Fuel system: Is there any visible leakage?

    ___ Accessories: Do gauges and warning devices work? Do the air conditioner, heater, and defroster work?

    ___ Brake system: walau pun anda beracadang ingin menggantikan sytem kereta anda dengan yang baru, tetapi ia wajib dilihat dalam menilai kereta terpakai. Do the warning lights work? Is the brake pedal firm under pressure? Does the vehicle stop in a straight line? Check the hoses, drum and lining for soundness. Are structural and mechanical parts solid?

    ___ Steering system: kereta yang tidak dijaga dengan sempurna agak berbeza dari segi system ini. Is there too much free play in the steering? Are the front wheels aligned properly? Check the power unit belts for cracks or slippage and the unit fluid levels.

    ___ Suspension system: Are the ball joint seals intact? Are the structural parts solid and straight? Are springs and shocks properly connected? Check shock absorbers for leakage and loose mountings.

    ___ Tires: perbezaan ketara antara kereta terpakai dan kereta baru. Check the tread for depth of wear, the tire sizes for matching, and for any other obvious damage.

    ___ Wheels: Look for any visible cracks, damage, or repairs. Check for loose or missing mounting bolts.

    ___ Exhaust system: Check for leakage and exhaust smoke when the engine is running.

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