August 28, 2007

I can’t wait to get my own car

sedia untuk membeli kereta terpakai?

"I can’t wait to get my own car."

dah biasa dengarkan,, terutama for guys yang tak sabar dah nak
pakai kereta, tak kira kereta terpakai atau kereta baru,,the point
is kereta.It may save you serious money. Consider driving habits, kereta
apa, kereta bagaimana?. Research models, options, costs, repair records,
safety tests, and mileage through libraries, book stores, and web sites.

kereta terpakai secara tunai atau hutang?

macam biasa pembayaran kereta terpakai ada 2 cara, full payment
or finance balik kereta tersebut. Financing balik kereta terpakai will
increases the total cost of the car because you’re also paying for the cost
of credit, including interest and other loan costs. You also must consider how
much money you can put down, the monthly payment, the loan term, and the
Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Biasanya rates yang tinggi bagi kereta terpakai
berbanding kereta baru. Dealers and lenders offer a variety of loan terms. Shop
around and help your teenager negotiate the best possible deal. Be cautious about
financing offers for first-time buyers. They can require a big down payment and a
high APR. To get a lower rate, you may decide to cosign the loan for your teen. If
money is tight, jika anda mempunyai banyak wang, beli kereta terpakai secara cash.

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