October 29, 2007

history- goodyear

Looking back, the founding of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 1898 seems especially remarkable, for the beginning was anything but auspicious. The 38-year-old founder, Frank Seiberling, purchased the company's first plant with a $3,500 down payment - using money he borrowed from a brother-in-law. The rubber and cotton that were the lifeblood of the industry had to be transported from halfway around the world, to a landlocked town that had only limited rail transportation. Even the man the company's name memorialized, Charles Goodyear, had died penniless 30 years earlier despite his discovery of vulcanization after a long and courageous search.

Yet the timing couldn't have been better. The bicycle craze of the 1890s was booming. The horseless carriage, some ventured to call it the automobile, was a wide-open challenge. Even the depression of 1893 was beginning to fade. So on August 29, 1898, Goodyear was incorporated with a capital stock of $100,000.

David Hill, who purchased $30,000 of stock, became the first president. But it was the dynamic and visionary founder, hard-driving Frank Seiberling, who chose the name and determined the distinctive winged-foot trademark that remains an integral part of the Goodyear signature, a symbolic link with the company's historic past.

Something else about these legendary early years lingers on through Goodyear's history. Something elusive and intangible, yet very real. Something about the people. People such as Frank Seiberling, actually trying to liquidate family-owned property in 1898 when he ended up taking that once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy - at a bargain - the seven-acre tract that became Goodyear. People such as George Stadelman, a man who avoided crowds and never made a speech, yet had a gift of integrity and foresight that guided Goodyear's sales through a critical 20 years. People such as Paul Litchfield, whose conviction and leadership helped inspire Goodyear's development for nearly six decades.

With just 13 workers, Goodyear production began on Nov. 21, 1898, with a product line of bicycle and carriage tires, horseshoe pads and - fitting the gamble Seiberling was making - poker chips. The first recorded payroll amounted to $217.86 based on the prevailing wage of 13 to 25 cents an hour for a 10-hour day. After the first full month of business, sales amounted to $8,246. Since the first bicycle tire in 1898, Goodyear pedaled its way toward becoming the world's largest tire company, a title it earned in 1916 when it adopted the slogan "More people ride on Goodyear tires than on any other kind," becoming the world's largest rubber company in 1926.

Today, Goodyear measures sales in excess of $18 billion, although it took 53 years before the company reached the first billion-dollar-year milestone. The company has more than 80,000 associates worldwide. And it all began in a converted strawboard factory on the banks of the Little Cuyahoga River in Akron, Ohio. Spanning the years, through all of those yesterdays, a legion of firsts and facts and figures appears that reflects the making of a company.

October 27, 2007

senarai kereta terpakai perodua

iklan kereta terpakai perodua kelisa, kembara, kancil, kenari, myvi, rusa

1.PERODUA KELISA 1.0 EZ (A) Auto, 2005. Silver, Mileage 43k km, 1 owner. RM29,500.00. Saiful 019-2800146

2.PERODUA KEMBARA 1.3 (A) '02, silver, acc free, f/spec with k/bar, r/rack, tip-top, RM23.8k, 016-6355555

3.PERODUA KANCIL 660EX (M) 2000, well maintained, new timing belt & batt. RM9500 neg. Harry 012-3397281

4.PERODUA KENARI AEROSPORTS Manual, 03/04. CD Player, Tinted, Sports Rim, , Service by Perodua. RM 29, 000(neg). 012-6659559

5.PERODUA KEMBARA 1.3 (A) '00, RM19,900 ii) Kembara 1.3 GX (M) '99, RM17,900, loan 100%, accident free, tip-top condition. Contact Cheong 92851531 (012-2157386)

5.PERODUA MYVI 1.0 (M) Nov 05. Lady owner, acc free. RM30,500. Call 012-4902525

6.PERODUA RUSA 1.3GX (M) 2001/2002, silver, 7 seater, good condition, RM15,000. Owner 012-926-8246 Francis

7.PERODUA KANCIL 850 (M) '02 metallic gold, good cond, accident free 1st owner RM-13,900 neg. Call 016-2163020

8.PERODUA KANCIL 850 (M) 1997, full spec, good condition, met paint, acc free, RM 9,000 neg. Call 017 - 665 6066

9.PERODUA KELISA 1.0 (M) End '03, 1 owner, silver, 100% acc free, 28k km only + VCD mthly RM320. 012-3922 480

10.PERODUA KELISA 1.0 (A) 2003, 1 owner, met. silver, good condition. 03-62514416 / 016-3209890/ 012-2538797

October 23, 2007

kereta terpakai

iklan kereta terpakai proton wira untuk dijual

1.PROTON WIRA 1.5 GLi Aeroback Auto, Oct 03, 56000 km, EON serviced, RM28,800, Andrew 017-8823283

2.PROTON WIRA 1.5 GLi Aeroback Auto, Oct 03, 55000 km, EON serviced, RM28,800, CK 017-8823283

3.PROTON WIRA 1.5 (A) Jan '04. 1 owner, CD player, s/rims, met black, acc free, like new, RM26,800. 012-292 5493

4.PROTON WIRA 1.3 (M) A/B '2001 modified sporty look, Mivec bonnet, tip-top cond, RM21,600 full loan monthly RM296. Call 012 / 016-2090738

5.PROTON WIRA 1.5 (M) A/B '02 l/seat CD ply 15' rims RM399 d/p otr mthly RM357. 03-77843431, 012-3153431

6.PROTON WIRA 1.3 Aeroback (M) '03 1 owner, tip top cond, 100% loan, RM23.5k. Call KM Chan 016-295 4455

7.PROTON WIRA 1.5 GL (M) '05, 1 owner, 100% loan,like n- ew,l/mile,acc free.RM30,xxx 013-3428888 / 013-2636623

8.PROTON WIRA 1.5 (A) (M) Sedan '97, 1 owner, acc free, tip-top. RM15k. Full loan. Mthly RM263. 012-9411107, 012-3211231

9.PROTON WIRA 1.5 (A) A/B 2000. 1 Malay owner, metallic gold, very good cond, RM19K 013-394 2307 / 03-8888 4588

October 21, 2007

new toyota vios price

Toyota Vios pricing confirmed

UMW Toyota Motor's pricing for the new Vios series - which is slated for its public launch tomorrow, Oct 19 - has been updated.

The next big thing. Here. Now.
The pricing has been revised for all three models in the range on the company's website, and they are slightly lower than that initially announced at the media preview.

Prices are now RM88,100 for the Vios 1.5S, RM84,800 for the 1.5G and RM78,700 for the 1.5E, all on-the-road, with insurance, for Peninsular Malaysia.

- Posted by Anthony Lim

October 18, 2007

kereta terpakai chevrolet

kereta terpakai chevrolet aveo, nabira, optra

1.CHEVROLET AVEO 1.5 (A) '04, 1 owner, low mileage, accident free, tip-top condition, RM34,800, loan 95%. Call Ben 92851531 (012-3835184)

2.CHEVROLET NABIRA 1.8 (A) '03/04, 1 owner, acc free, l/mile, new tyre.Must view.RM 59,xxx. 012-9700988 Steven

3.CHEVROLET OPTRA 1.8 (A) 2004. Met gold, l/seat 1 owner low mile acc free tip-top must view RM46,000. 012-388 2276

4.CHEVROLET AVEO 1.5 (A) '04/'05 1 owner, green, bodykit 15' rims, eco-tint RM35K. Call 019-7737474

5.CHEVROLET OPTRA 1.8 & Chevrolet Aveo 1.5 (A) new fantastic special offer limited stock 0 d/p. Call 016-378 1937

kereta terpakai 18hb

kereta terpakai toyota harrier, alphard, caldina, camry, celica, corolla, estima

1.TOYOTA HARRIER 3.0 VVTI (A) Auto, 98/02. Black, Sports spec, Angel eyes HL, 18in S/Rims, DVD. RM85K. Call Owner Ken Yap 019-3852400

2.TOYOTA HARRIER 2.4 (A) 01/02. Black Acc-Free Walnut panel Panaromic sunroof Alarm, Owner overseas. Price RM130k. Su 019-2882493

3.TOYOTA ALPHARD 3.0 unreg '03 7 seaters DVD 5.1 system power doors power boot power curtain front & rear camera l/seats offer price R- M215k. Pls call for best price 012-2380139 / 019-2201280 / 012-2158008

4.TOYOTA ALPHARD 2.4/3.0 '02 to '04 unreg. MZG/MS, theather sound, 2 TV/DVD/Navi, front & back cameras, sunroof, 2 power doors. 012-9072850 / 019-2243334

5.TOYOTA CALDINA 2.0 ZT (A)03unreg f/spec fr Japan v-iew to negotiate RM133k.012- 2265890/87366955Glorywhee

6.TOYOTA CALDINA 2.0 GT4 N-specs, '03 & '04 unreg, 260hp, sunroof, Recaro, front & back cameras, LSD, bodykit, 17' alloys. 016-2601626 / 012-9072850

7.TOYOTA CAMRY 2.4L (A) '03, 1 owner, tip-top cond, 3 mth warranty porvided, must view, RM95k.012-6163667Teo

8.TOYOTA CAMRY 2.4 '02, '03 2 units, 1 owner, low km, immaculate,RM9xxxx, loan 90% 012-2010 222, 017-6166 995

9.TOYOTA CELICA 1.8 VVTL-i '02 Unreg, sunroof, Beams, tiptronic, SS II bodykit, DVD/TV, 190hp 016-3594136 / 019-2243334

10.TOYOTA COROLLA LE '84, met red dunhill, air-cond, good engine, s/rim, RM5,300 neg. Call 016-2866643

11.TOYOTA ESTIMA 2.4 '02 to '06 new, unreg, sunroof, Keyless go, 7 speed, theater surround DVD, front & back cameras, 2 power doors 019-3341171 / 016-2601626

12.TOYOTA ESTIMA 2.4 unreg '03 & '04, Aeras model, twin power doors twin sunroof full bodykit front & back camera sport rims tiptronic gearbox few colour offer price RM 16xk ono. Pls call 012-2380139 / 019-2201280 / 012-2158008

October 16, 2007

kereta terpakai mazda

kereta terpakai mazda 323, RX-8, MPV, FIGHTER, MAZDA 3,

1.MAZDA 323 1.6 (M) '91 RM9,500 Good Cond. Met. Black, Cash Term / Credit also can. Call Alvin 012-2731222

2.MAZDA RX-8 1.3 (A) unreg '03 Type E f/bodykit rear spo-iler TV/Navi 16' s/rim xenon int2.++% RM15xk.0125059229

3.MAZDA MPV 2.5 V6 (A) 2000. 1 lady owner, met 2tone grey DVD s/rim acc free. RM 63K 100% loan. 012-2081700

4.MAZDA FIGHTER 2.5 (M) '03 orig. spec, green engine, RM44,800. 03-78777920 / Jack 017-2725399www.eoa.com.my

5.MAZDA 3, 5, 6 new CBU. Naza Bestari 206 (A). Fantastic discount. Low d/p int. 5yrs warranty, unlimited mileage or 3yrs free service maintenance. Call 012-3887709

6.MAZDA ARISTA 4X4 (A) 2004 unreg dark blue full spec RM72,500 only. Please contact Khoo 019 - 950 9988

7.MAZDA 5, 6, 3 Sedan RM99,XXX Mazda 3 RM139,XXX Mazda 5 RM13X,XXX Mazda 6 Call 019-270 1728

8.MAZDA TRIBUTE SUV 2.0 (A) Sept 03/02 CBU metallic black accident free RM57,800 016-3984263 / 016-293 8746

October 3, 2007

kereta terpakai

kereta terpakai proton wira, satria, saga iswara, gen2, waja, persona, kembara, perdana

1.3 (M)A/B SE'03 silver, acc free l/mile, p/steering,
s/rims, tip-top, RM16.8k, 016-6355555

2.PROTON SATRIA 1.3 (M) '02. 1 Teacher owner, met grey, acc free,
100% org cond RM19,800 017-2821576

3.PROTON WIRA Sedan 1.6XLI Auto, 1997. Full Accessories,
Tip Top condition. RM16,500. 012-3847961

4.PROTON WIRA 1.8 GSR Turbo 2002, Auto, Met Grey,
16'S/ Rim, B/Kit, RM31,800, 012-2830220, 016-9103000

5.PROTON WAJA 1.6A 2006. Excellent condition leather seats,
done 9k KM, RM48,500 Call Sam 0194002272

6.PROTON ALL new '07 model. Greatest offer in Malaysia! discount + free gift.
Waja RM6K++. Gen 2 RM8K++. Savvy & Satria Neo RM5K++. Wira RM7.5K.
Persona RM-1K++. 0% d/p, fast loan, highest trade in, express delive-ry,
professional service + ho-nest + friendly. Happy buying call Jessie 012-3218220

7.PROTON KEMBARA 1.3 (A) 2003, 1 Malay lady owner,
acc free, orig paint, low mileage, very well kept, full bar, RM25,800.
Loan 100%. Contact 016-2883332 / 012-2221733

8.PROTON PERDANA 2.0 V6 (A) '04, metallic, accident free,
RM59K. Contact 012-3811974 (Owner)

9.PROTON SAGA Iswara 1.5 (M)'97 RM7200 new paint Me-rc Benz 230E '84/92,
RM9800. 017-3889775 / 016-9697337

10.PROTON WIRA 2.0(M) (D) 1996 gd condition 1 owner RM11K
can loan 62771973, 0126822928, 0163681122

October 1, 2007

kereta terpakai naza

kereta terpakai Kia nazaria, naza sorento, sutera, citra

1.KIA & NAZA '07 Suria d/p RM188 mthly RM490, Sutera d/p RM0 mthly RM430,
Bistari d/p RM288 mthly RM650, Spectra d/p RM0 mthly RM660. All model free down payment,
cash voucher RM8,000 while stock last, Hurry up! High trade-in. 03-42974522/3, 42977800, 019-3507443, 019-3329419

2.NAZA CITRA 2.0 (A) GLS '2006 1 owner, high-spec, silver, acc. free,
DVD, sunroof, low mileage, RM60,900 full loan. Call 012-2896222

3.NAZA CITRA 2.0 (A) '05, 1 careful Malay Nurse owner, met black,
acc free, gd cond, clean interior,town used done only 15,400km, exactly like new,
nice 17' Japan s/rim, nice no WMW 901,trade-in accepted RM59,800.019-3972074

4.NAZA NEW '07 Sutera d/p RM388 mthly RM250, Bestari d/p RM288 mthly RM588,
Suria d/p RM188 mthly RM338. 42974522/3, 012-2714 960

5.NAZA RIA 2.5 (A) '05, Special Edition, silver, leather seat,
DVD, wood steering, very low mile, retired lady owner, RM65k. 012-695 6886

6.NAZA SUTERA 1.1 (M) '06, 1 owner, black, showrm cond,
l/mile, 2 a/bag RM26,500. 100% loan.012-6221726, 019-3180310

7.NAZA SORENTO 2.5 (A) diesel '04/05, 1 owner, met,
acc free, done 21k km, like new, sunroof, 5 speed, leather seat, RMneg. Contact 012-322 8957

8.NAZA SUTERA 1.1 (M) '06, 1 owner, met black, l/mile, 11k km,
2a/bags, 100% acc free. RM26,800. 012-2059790