August 1, 2007

tips membeli kereta terpakai 2

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kereta terpakai

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This checklist would be helpful to take along to make sure you dont forget anything.

perhatikan karat pada kereta

Appear on the inside wings, bulkhead, cross members and chassis members under the bonnet. If you get any it is best to leave the car.

Under the car inspect the side sills, chassis legs, cross members and sub frames. If you feel there is a problem, gently tap the area with a hammer or push hard with your hand. If it gives way, the metal may be damaged.

Check for corrosion on the floor.

Check that the brake pipes are not crusted with rust

Inspect suspension and steering mounts.

keadaan engin kereta

Look at the oil; very black oil indicates that the car has not been frequently or recently serviced. Beige and thick oil indicates that there may be a head gasket escape.

Inspect the coolant it should not be red and rusty looking.

Pay attention to the engine start up from frosty verify that there is no black/blue smoke emanating from the exhaust. The oil light should go out speedily. Also, there should not be any knocking or rattling noises.

The car should idle efficiently with no revving, pinking (tinny rattling) or misfiring.

pandu uji sebelum membeli kereta terpakai

The car should get into gear simply. There should be no crunching or slipping. Slipping can be verified by driving uphill in top gear.

For cars with automatic transmission, make sure to measure the fluid levels. If it smells burnt it is best to avoid the vehicle.

Verify that the vehicle handles well its steering is reactive and not shaky and it doesnt pull to one side.

The brakes should work speedily and simply. The pedal shouldnt be resistant and shouldnt go all the way down to the floor. There should be no shuddering when the brakes are applied. The car should not swerve to one side.

The tires should all have enough tread (exterior edge of 10p piece) and there should be no furrows.

If the numbers in the odometer are out of line, the odometer could have been tampered.

Be sensitive of the situation of the vehicle and whether this is in line with its mileage.

Look under the carpet between the front and back doors for any signs of welding. This could specify that 2 halves have been fixed together. This would make the car extremely unsafe.

If you still have worries at this stage it is better to leave the car and look for something else. After all, you also want peace of mind, along with the car. the car and are not responsible for any damages.

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