September 21, 2007

Car insurance tips

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THERE is more to motoring than simply getting your driver's licence.

Young drivers have been warned that they need the correct insurance policy otherwise they could be up for crippling bills in the event of an accident.

Industry expert John Saunders, who has 30 years' experience in the insurance business, has warned of the potentially devastating impact of cutting corners with car insurance.

"Parents can be unaware that there is often little point in having a young driver's policy in their name to save money as young drivers need to start earning their no claim bonus at some stage," Saunders, managing director of Insure Simply, said.

"A smart driver understands what he or she is covered for before an accident occurs rather than learning the hard way."

Insure Simply is claimed to be Australia's first online service enabling users to compare competitive policies in an objective and easily identifiable way.

Among the companies Insure Simply list for comparisons are Allianz, QBE and Suncorp.

There are some useful tips on what new or young drivers need to know, some are blindingly obvious others need a little more thought.

Here are some tips regarding car insurance:

* Policies usually exclude cover when a car is unroadworthy. eg: If an accident is caused by bad brakes and their poor condition was obvious beforehand, this could cause a claim to be denied.

* If you have a nominated driver policy, cover is normally only extended if driven by others in an emergency.

* Policies exclude cover for damage (and liability to others) when the driver is drunk. (The driver's car may not be worth much but cars or property they damage could be worth considerably more.

* Policies exclude cover while racing.

* Agreed value is not necessarily superior to market value as the market values are the basis of agreed values anyway.

* Check policy to see what accessories are covered.

* Make sure the insurer is informed about performance enhancing extras.

* But totally truthful in any insurance application. It may save you money in the premium but may result in no cover when it is needed.

* Any fraudulent claims are normally pursued by insurers.


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