September 2, 2007



National car manufacturer PROTON is now in a position to share its best practices, processes and experiences with its global technology partners to ensure that the best product possible is delivered to customers.

"We have the processes in place, we have the technology and we have capability. After two decades of being in the automotive industry, PROTON has reached the stage where we no longer take technology; we are able to offer it to the best in the world," said PROTON Chief Executive Officer Y.M Tengku Tan Sri Dr. Mahaleel Tengku Ariff.

Mahaleel said the time has come for the national car to pit itself against the best in the world by continuously challenging itself, shortening product development time and providing better service to customers.

"This translates into better value for our customers and of course, better business for us as we build the brand," said Mahaleel in his keynote address to senior PROTON executives, vendors and technology partners in Subang Jaya today during the company's seminar on products, quality and cost management.

He said PROTON now needs to share its expertise with its partners, while adopting their best practices, so that synergy is created to ensure that quality is built into everything.

"We have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience which we can share with our partners, while we can continue to learn from them, to ensure there is a continuous improvement in our products. The Proton we produce today is not the same product as before and it will be an even better product in the future," added Mahaleel.

The three day seminar aims to set the company's sights on establishing synergy for its management and systems templates for products, quality management and project management throughout PROTON and vendors working with it.

Over 100 participants from PROTON and the automotive industry will meet during the seminar to discuss how the national car project can move forward by sharing global excellence standards.

"Malaysia is one of the four countries out of 19 in Asia that can design a car from zero to production and we have come a very long way in developing our indigenous capability. PROTON has something to offer global technology vendors and we have something to learn from them. This mutual recognition s validation of Malaysia and PROTON's capability," said Mahaleel.

PROTON, he said, has a very clear vision of what it can achieve and one of this has materialized in the form of the CAMPRO engine and GEN.2, which were both developed with Lotus.

"We have already developed very cost effective systems and that is very clever engineering. What we have to do now is make sure we work with the best partners to ensure that we produce the best product for our customers."

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