September 30, 2007

proton iswara

kereta terpakai untuk dijual proton iswara

Manual, 1997. New Paint, Alpine CD, New Clutch,
Extremely Clean Interior, Air. Cond, alarm, P. Window. See to Believe.
RM7900/ Neg. 0162842005

2.PROTON & PERODUA all new. Govt staff welcome.
Persona 1.6, Waja 1.6, Gen2. V6, Wira 1.5, Neo 1.3, 1.6, Savvy, Iswara,
Myvi, Viva, Kenari
, int 2.75-3.88%, 95-100% loan, high trade-in,
lucky draw, discount, gifts. Pls call Sanjit Vasanthen 019-2256167

1.5 (A) 2001, well maint,
tip-top condition, RM14,800.00, Tel:03-61566888 (Tay)

1.3 '03 met lady owner acc free power steering.
RM15,500ono.016-2698390 / 03-77859269 Malar

1.3 A/B (M) '01, 1 owner, acc free, l/mile new s/rims & tyre tip-top RM1xk ono.
012-6550725/017-6688005/ 016-2055508

6.PROTON ISWARA 1.3S (M) Aeroback '1997 acc. free tip-top, good cond RM10,xxx.
017-2888715 / 03-61882222

7.PROTON ISWARA (M) 1.3 1997 1owner Blue new paint
100%acc free RM8300 full loan Call 012-3390 878

8.PROTON ISWARA 1.3 A/B (M) '00, met, s/rim,
gd cond, RM11,700, RM100 OTR, mth ly RM220. 012-3535212 Khoi

9.PROTON ISWARA 1.5 (M) Sedan 1998 selling cheap RM10,800 d/p RM500 monthly RM238.
Zainal 016-2250941

10.PROTON SAGA Iswara 1.5 Injection (A) '96 UK spec, acc free,
15' s/rim, RM9,500. Full loan Can trade-in 012-2905175

September 23, 2007

proton persona

A worthy Wira successor

A BIG breath of fresh air from Proton, the Persona is.

A video clip of the car - posted within minutes of the launch on Aug 15 - generated over 29,000 hits - one of the highest on The Star Online website.

As of late last month, the national carmaker has taken in over 8,000 bookings for the new car.

Whatever may have been said about Proton in the past, interest levels in the national car's new 1.6-litre four-door sedan are now exceptionally high.

Unlike its offerings over the last two years such as the Satria Neo and Savvy, which were aimed at specific niches in the market, the Persona is built and priced to be a true volume seller.

The Persona is much more of a family car than the Wira. And what’s notable is that Proton appears to have addressed the quality and design issues that cropped up in the Gen.2.
It certainly is much more of a family car. And it is a worthy replacement to the Wira, which has lingered around for some 23 years.

In the Persona, Proton appears to have addressed the quality and design issues that cropped up in the Gen.2.

These included cramped rear seats, a plasticky interior, a lack of a glovebox, sluggish engine performance at low speeds and rear doors that were difficult to open - among other fit and finish issues.

Other notable improvements are a quieter passenger compartment compared to the Gen.2's, even when the Persona is running at a high speed.

The interior also has a softer more inviting ambience than the original Gen.2 which saw extensive use of hard plastic trimmings.

There's new door interior panelling with redesigned door latches and a 430-litre boot that is even larger than the Waja's.

The Persona uses the 1.6-litre twin cam Campro engine, the staple of the Gen.2, Satria Neo and Waja models, which cranks out 111bhp at 6,000rpm and torque of 148Nm at 4,000rpm.

The Persona feels more responsive as its transmission control unit has been tweaked for smoother low to mid-range speed response - which comes into play during stop-and-start traffic in city driving.

The gear changes in the automatic version are now faster and smoother and there is less “hunting of gears” that was evident in the Gen.2.

The Persona's suspension system, which has been set for comfort, still maintains the Lotus-tuned handling for accurate steering and surefooted cornering.

We were also impressed by the sound insulation on the Persona which keeps noise levels comfortably quiet.

Conspicuously absent is the exhaust boominess of the earlier Gen.2 – something that drones on you during extended drives.

So besides offering substantial improvement, the Persona is arguably the most competitively priced offering in the 1.6-litre category.

RM44,999 to RM55,800 gets you a 1.6-litre car which rides and handles like a European car, with a decent interior, a large boot, better refinement and driving pleasure to top it all.

kereta terpakai toyota

kereta terpakai toyota

Auto, 2005, Blue, Tiptop, Tinted, Low Mileage,
Nice Number 2000, RM48800, Call 012-2078503

Auto, 2005. Good condition/ accident free,
1 owner driver. RM76,000. 0126361782

1.3 (A) Dec '05, acc free, blue, full spec with kangaroo bar,
tip-top, RM48k, 016-6355555

2.7 (P) (M) 1997. Accident free, low mileage, never off road,
good condition, 1 owner. RM45,000 ono. Anand 019 - 3395968

1.8 (A) G-Spec, '03, Metallic Silver,
1 Careful Owner, family Car, RM74,300 neg 012-2013630 -

1.6 (A) Ltd, 89 2K Pearl White, 16V Twin Cam,
Fully Converted LEVIN, RM13,900 012-2013630

2.4 & 3.0 Special offer from RM-15x,xxx,
interest from 2.2%. Call Mr Peter 019-3197878

2.0 GT4 Turbo N-Spec, 2002, unreg, silver,
original bodykit, sunroof, 17' sports rim, CD play-er, full spec,
RM14xK, 100% loan. 012-6111 666 / 8943 8898

2.2 GX (A) '95, metallic silver, well maintained,
acc free, good cond, RM22,000. Eddie 012-2112976

2.4 VVTI '06 Unreg, brand new, Aeras, Keyless,
2 power door, 4 cameras, DVD, auto parking, 7 seats, Free 29' TV,
RM25xK, 100% Loan. 03-91306888, 012-3320003

2.4 2005 (new) Premium L black & white panaromic roof side indicator
signal 9 airbags original impressive bodykits full spec RM238K.
016-2116 666 / 012-3658338 / 03-9221 5555

September 21, 2007

Car insurance tips

tips insurance kereta

THERE is more to motoring than simply getting your driver's licence.

Young drivers have been warned that they need the correct insurance policy otherwise they could be up for crippling bills in the event of an accident.

Industry expert John Saunders, who has 30 years' experience in the insurance business, has warned of the potentially devastating impact of cutting corners with car insurance.

"Parents can be unaware that there is often little point in having a young driver's policy in their name to save money as young drivers need to start earning their no claim bonus at some stage," Saunders, managing director of Insure Simply, said.

"A smart driver understands what he or she is covered for before an accident occurs rather than learning the hard way."

Insure Simply is claimed to be Australia's first online service enabling users to compare competitive policies in an objective and easily identifiable way.

Among the companies Insure Simply list for comparisons are Allianz, QBE and Suncorp.

There are some useful tips on what new or young drivers need to know, some are blindingly obvious others need a little more thought.

Here are some tips regarding car insurance:

* Policies usually exclude cover when a car is unroadworthy. eg: If an accident is caused by bad brakes and their poor condition was obvious beforehand, this could cause a claim to be denied.

* If you have a nominated driver policy, cover is normally only extended if driven by others in an emergency.

* Policies exclude cover for damage (and liability to others) when the driver is drunk. (The driver's car may not be worth much but cars or property they damage could be worth considerably more.

* Policies exclude cover while racing.

* Agreed value is not necessarily superior to market value as the market values are the basis of agreed values anyway.

* Check policy to see what accessories are covered.

* Make sure the insurer is informed about performance enhancing extras.

* But totally truthful in any insurance application. It may save you money in the premium but may result in no cover when it is needed.

* Any fraudulent claims are normally pursued by insurers.


September 20, 2007

kereta terpakai mazda

kereta terpakai mazda

1.MAZDA 6 2.0(A)04 blue 1 ow-ner 100% acc free, f
ull service record, under warranty,
nice interior all ori RM86,800 016-3302137 , 017-2363223

2.MAZDA 626 1.6 (M) '85, white, nice no XXX 888,
4 new tires, acc free, tip-top cond, RM11,800. 012-3838218

3.MAZDA BONGO 1.8 '1997 2 blower air-cond 1 owner need painting.
Cash RM9,900 ono. Call 012-6250645, 013-3206676

4.MAZDA RX-8 1.3 (A) unreg '03 Type E f/bodykit rear spo-iler TV/Navi 16' s/rim xenon int2.++%

5.MAZDA RX-8 1.3 (M) unreg '03 Type S,
6 speed sunroof rear spoiler 18' sport rim xenon speed aero bodykit RM 16xk.
Call Jason 012-5059229

6.MAZDA LANTIS 1.8 (A) H/B '97 metallic tip top acc free s/rims
RM23,600 loan 90% Tel: 016-7755666

7.MAZDA MPV 3.0 (A) '92 tip-top condition,
metallic green, air-cond, RM13,999. Contact 013-3533 628

8.MAZDA PREMACY 2.0L (A) end '03, acc free, full spec,
CD player, sunroof, 4 new Bridgestone tyre,
lady owner perfect cond, no repair need, RM76,xxx. Call 012-2380 729

9.MAZDA ASTINA 1.6 (M) '91 RM7,600.
Kancil 660 (M) '94 new paint RM6k Sunny '90 ne w paint RM5.8k 013-3941733

10.MAZDA LANTIS 1.6 (M) H/B '96, acc free, clean interior,
nice no 3998. RM21.8k. 016-3437217 / 016-9121236 / 012-2666241

September 19, 2007

proton saga, iswara

senarai kereta terpakai proton saga, iswara

1.3 '91 Sedan 12V met tip top RM5700.
Nissan Sunny 130Y small bumper met RM5900. 016-224 2668

1.6 Turbo (M) 89 upgraded to Mivec engine acc free RM8,300 only.
016-2938746 / 019-3368727

Iswara 12V '93 RM6k / D.Aura '90 RM3.8k / H.City Turbo '83/'88 RM4.3k.
All tip-top! Fast! 016-376 1761

1.5i (A) '92 careful owner, good cond, silver, nice 15' s/rims,
power steering/ windows nice interior RM6800. John 019-3972074

1.5s (M) Megavalve '91 met s/rim good cond RM6200.
Nissan Sunny '83 RM2,800. Yus 019-2304344

1.5 S (M) '92, met, l/mile, 100% acc free, ori spec,
well maintained, tip-top cond. RM6800. 012-2032208

1.3 (M) Met grey, really acc free, very good cond.
l/mile RM13300 012-2977323 012-3837733

1.5 (A) A/B '99, 1 owner, acc free, s/rims 15' RM14,300.
Full loan. 016-6617889 / 012-3982121

1.5I (A) '95 UK-specs, fuel injection met s/rims very w/kept
RM 9800 012-6616363 by owner

1.3 A/B '99, 00 met. well maintain acc free sport rim
RM9600 100% loan Tel: 016-7755666

September 17, 2007

BMW 7 series

Complicated, but still the Ultimate Driving Machine.
Spend an hour driving the BMW 7 Series sedan and you'll know what the fuss is about. This is a luxury sedan in the truest sense. It's a great way to travel, and it won't take long to be convinced.

For 2007, there are a few noteworthy changes to the 7 Series line, including the elimination of the 760i, or the short wheelbase model with a V12 engine. A new BMW Individual package adds 20-inch wheels, specially cured, extra-sumptuous leather and a suede-like Alcantara headliner, among other things. Yet the 7 Series remains essentially as it has been since it was introduced five years ago, and its impact has hardly diminished.

What to like? This big sedan is so smooth that full days at the wheel are never taxing, and it's a great refuge in commuter traffic. It's easy to drive the BMW 7 Series well, even on winding mountain roads, and few luxury sedans can keep up with it at high speeds. Measured by its combination of acceleration, braking, handling and ride quality, it may be the best car in its class, which happens to include some of the best, most expensive cars in the world. The whisper-quiet interior is exceptionally comfortable, with every gizmo you can imagine. The BMW 7 Series is stuffed with the latest technology, including the automotive equivalent of infra-red night-vision goggles and advanced safety features that make it an electronically protected, rolling cocoon.

There are intrusions, unfortunately, on all the speed and serenity, and some drivers may not like them. Some of that BMW 7 Series technology can feel more like a distraction than an aid. The interface between driver and machine can be complex, and occasionally tiring. While the BMW 7 Series was a landmark in automotive design when it was introduced, it was deemed so for good and bad reasons. You will either like the look or you won't.

Any of the three BMW 7 Series models, starting with the standard wheelbase, V8-powered 750i, are big, smooth, fast and inspiring. All 7 Series have a responsive six-speed automatic transmission and awesomely powerful brakes. Advanced suspension and well-tuned electronic stability control systems mix magic-carpet ride quality with the ultimate in big-sedan control.

The 750Li and 760Li (L for long) increase the wheelbase nearly six inches, which means much more legroom in the back seat. If the 438-hp, V12-powered 760Li doesn't stir something inside you, you may as well call a cab. It's one of the quickest, nimblest 2.5-ton vehicles in the world.

Virtually everything inside is controlled through a single, mouse-like interface called iDrive: entertainment, navigation, climate, and myriad settings managing the car's suspension, lighting, ad infinitum. We find iDrive difficult to operate, distracting and annoying. Despite BMW's efforts to enhance, de-tune or re-package iDrive over the years, we still do not like it. Owners tell us they've learned their way around iDrive and like it.

senarai kereta terpakai BMW

senarai kereta terpakai BMW yang ingin dijual

1.BMW 318I Auto, 1996. Maroon, Careful Owner,
Very well maintained, Urgent Sale. RM43k. Derek 0133417358

2.BMW 318 CI unreg imported black sport seat steptronic airbags
17' s/rims leather seat carbon leather penalling RM13x,xxx.
Helmi 019-365 4145 / Sham 012-338 9800 / Soorya 012-259 7468

3.BMW 318 2.0 (A) '04 Lifestyle, excellent condition,
service by Auto Bavaria, nice no, RM149K. Call 016-6892555

4.BMW 318 (A) E36 '99 well kept acc free met.
l/seat full bodykit low mileage CD cha- nger RM55,800. 012-2171136

5.BMW 318i E46 2.0 '04, 1 owner, new facelift, electric seat -s,
multi-function steering, roller blind, l/mile, l/seats. RM139k ono.
Mr Lee 012-3298116 / 03-91332889

6.BMW 318I E36 (A) '97 & '96, black, l/seat, acc free, tip-top condition,
RM44,800 onwards Loan 100%. Call 019 - 2203388

7.BMW 325i '05 CBU E90 black 1 owner, low mileage, airbag,
ABS, electric leather seat, xenon lamp, keyless parktronic, sport rim,
RM23xK. Call for best price 012-2676654 Ng

8.BMW 328i 2000 local met silver,leather seat, mileage 80k,
belong to company directors wife used only, like new,
with service record from Auto Bavaria, see to believe,
genuine buyer call for best price RM9+++k. Call 017-3211616

9.BMW 520I (M) E28 '84. Good running cond, orig BBS s/rims.
New registration no WNTxxxx RM6,000 only! Call owner 012-3083511

10.BMW 523I E39 '00/04, 1 Dato owner, 17' s/rim,
low mile 50k multifunction steering tip top cond acc free
RM106,300 d/p 1k 016-2388811 / 019-3846638

kereta terpakai perodua

kereta terpakai perodua kancil, kenari, viva, myvi, kelisa, kembara

1.PERODUA KENARI (M) '04, Silver, acc free,
sell at tip-top / original cond. RM27k neg. 016-6355555

2.PERODUA KENARI (A) brand new,
Low D/p monthly RM4xx 24hr Loan approval.
For best deal Call Carlover 012-675 6988 now

3.PERODUA MYVI '07 New! Int 3.88%, 24hr Loan approve.
All colors. For best deal Call Carlover 012-675 6988

4.PERODUA KANCIL 660 (A) Nov '96. white, well kept,
2nd owner. RM7200. Mr Tey 019-330 9537

5.PERODUA KANCIL 660 (M) '99 acc free
original condition 2 owners l/mile loan available, RM8,800. 012-6880076

6.PERODUA KELISA 1.0 EZ (A) 2003 RM26,800 l
ow mileage met.paint s/rim good condition Tel: 4260 3310

7.PERODUA KELISA 1.0EZ A '02, 1owner met green
RM 24.5k OTR RM500 pm RM341 012-2679191 / 019-3340136

8.PERODUA KELISA 1.0 (A) EZL Limited Edition'03 met silver,
1owner l/mile,tip-top,a-cc free RM27.5k. 017-3037847

9.PERODUA KEMBARA 1.3 EX (A) 2003, silver, company car,
good condition, RM30,000. Call 03-7955 1028

1.3 (M) '02 RM19,800 met.silver
1 owner low mileage 100% loan Tel: 4260 1888

11.PERODUA KENARI 1.0(M) '03,met gold,1owner l/mile,
tip top cond,acc free,orig cond li ke new RM25.8k. 017-3037847

September 16, 2007

kereta terpakai mitsubishi

kereta terpakai mitsubishi

2.5 (A) Diesel '92 intercooler turbo,
import new, acc free, s/roof 012-2216373, 017-2661229

RM91,700 Loan RM82K Mthly RM936 x 9years.
Very fast delivery. Silver or Black. Genuine malay buyer only.
Call 019-353 4343 Ahmad

'98/'03 tiptronic met.silver 7 l/seat acc free RM66,800
neg 019-342 3329, 016-676 6804

(M) year 2004/unreg, Local AP, Recaro seat, xenon lamp,
Brembo discbrake, efficient & quality assured,
RM189,800 loan 100%, interest rate 2.3% Foo 012-3863098 / 03-91323003

5.MITSUBISHI EVO 8 04/Unreg.
Local AP, 280Bhp, 6 Speed, Recaro Seat, 4 Wheel Drive,
Excellence Condition. i) Standard Ver. - RM189,800 ii)
MR Ver. (Lightweight Body) - RM199,800.
Loan 100% Int Rate 2.40% Tham 019-2168399, 03-91329333

6.MITSUBISHI FTO 2.0 MIVEC (GPX) tiptronic,
'94/95, met red, 100% acc free, CD player, 16' s/rim,
RM44,800. 012-3072626 / 012-2292113

7.MITSUBISHI DELICA 2.0 (A) 1996 (WEW 8928)
Reserve RM11,000.00. Call Zul / Hery / Khairul / Fahmi 03 - 6185 8007

1999 imported tip top met silver limited edition RM55k. Lee 012-219 2917

1 lady owner, acc free, s/rim, met, tinted, leather seat, CD changer,
m/age 65k only, full body kit, inside tip top, see to believe,
RM66,800 call 0122837600, 0122048665

September 11, 2007

kereta terpakai perodua kenari

kereta terpakai produa kenari untuk dijual

1.0 (A) '01 met silver 1 lady owner acc free tinted glass
14' s/rim RM23k. 0126606885

2.PERODUA KENARI 1.0 (A) 2004,
Aerosport white 1 lady owner, mileage only 50,000 accident free RM30,800.
012-210 1993 / 016-567 3316

3.PERODUA KENARI 1.0(M) '03,met gold,
1owner l/mile,tip top cond,acc free,orig cond li ke new
RM25.8k. 017-3037847

4.PERODUA KENARI 1.0 (M) '2004 Aerosport 1 owner
l/mile acc free look like a new car RM28,800 loan 100% 03-42577333

one owner direct, accessories, acc free. RM26K.
Ghazali 019-4445038

6.PERODUA KENARI (A) '2004, 1 owner, low mileage,
accident free, RM29,800. Call 012-2251351 / 012-2898259

7.PERODUA KENARI 1.0 (A) '2002 met
1 owner low mileage accident free tip-top cond
RM25,800 03-42577333

8.PERODUA KENARI 1.0 (A) '04 tip-top cond,
leahter seat, 1 owner, D/p by credit card. RM30,900.
Hon 019-3218229

9.PERODUA '07 RM0 d/p for Kancil,Kenari,Myvi, Viva. I
nt rate 3.88%. Ready stock, very high discount up to RM4k & very high trade-in.
Plenty of free gifts given, tinted, ala-rm, Astro etc.
Interested buyer pls call Dany 016-3289683 /Azman 016-2658091 for best deal

10.PERODUA KENARI 1.0 (A) '01, 1 hsewife, acc free,
silver, service on time, perfect. Offer RM2xk. 95% loan.
012-2882392 / 016-2116970

September 10, 2007

kereta terpakai honda

kereta terpakai bagi keluarga honda accord, civic, odeyssey, city, jazz, stream

3.0 Vtec (A) V6 '05 CBU, 1 owner, met, Xenon,
sunroof, l/mile original cond well kept,
acc free RM128,800. Tel: 016-9091008

2.4 VTEC (A) '05, 1 owner, met black, 100% acc free, l
ow km, RM118,000 ono. 017-3389499

1.8 / 2.0 New 'Sept Promo! Free gift / high discount +
ready stock + low interest rate. 016-2778616

1.6 EX (M) 1990 (BDA 9922) Reserve RM8,000.00.
Call Zul / Hery / Khairul / Fahmi 03 - 6185 8007

(A) Oct '98 Imported new sunroof TV full spec ABS
well maintained 100% acc free met. blue RM49,900.
Lee 019-3158 333

2.3 (A) RA6 '03 CBU silver acc free
1 owner RM109K full loan. Call 019-336 8727 / 016-293 8746

2.2 (A) '97, 1 owner, acc free, radio casette +
10 pieces CD changer well maintained, new rdtax.
RM38.8k. 019-3348223

2.0 iVTEC (A) March '2004, gold, excellent cond,
full service record. RM98k. Call 012-2683131

1.5(A) IDSI 05 1 Lawyer lady owner silver l/mil tip-top
RM63,800 low int. 012-3716423 / 012-3218118

1.5L (A) EXi-S Aug 99, BFQ 8183,
EFi, 1 hsewife owner fuel injection 16V Hi-specs Alloy rims,
leather + massage seat, spoiler. Townused only acc free,
like new! 6 mths warranty. 012-2802828

2.0 & other models including Nissan new model.
Low interest. Trade - in accepted. Call 019-215 8290

1.5 IDSI (A) 04 Black, 1 lady owner,
acc-free, good condition. 100% serviced by Honda.
Serious buyer only. RM70K ono. Call 012-421045/ 012-3153505

2.0 Vtec (A) 03. Imported new. Metallic silver,
good cond.RM93k 03-9200 5272 / 019-311 6222

1.7 V-Tec (A) '2005 1 owner C.B.U. metallic blue 100% accident free
RM99,800. Tel: 013-350 7738 / 012-637 7931 Leong

September 9, 2007

kereta terpakai proton wira

kereta terpakai proton wira untuk dijual

1. PROTON WIRA 1.5(M) A/B reg 05 SE, 1 Owner, Met Black, 100% Acc. Free, Like New, RM30,500 neg 012-2905590

2. PROTON WIRA 1.5(M) '96 1 Owner, 100% Acc. Free, Met 2k, F/Spec, Services by Proton, RM13,600 012-2905590

3. PROTON WIRA 1.5(A) A/B 01.1 Teacher Owner, Met Grey RM22,900.02 A/B 1.5(A) RM23900. Loan 100% 017-2821576

4. PROTON WIRA 1.5 GLI (M) '99, 1 owner tip-top met. maroon RM19.5k. Jimmy 012-35 66233/012-6052863/91316328

5. PROTON WIRA 1.5 (M) A/B '02 acc free, Malay owner, leather seat, tip top, s/rims, RM26,800. Yong 019-3889809

6. PROTON WIRA 1.5 (A) A/B '2000 1 owner met low mile accident free perfect cond RM18,900 neg 03-42577333

7. PROTON WIRA 2.0 (M) Diesel '99, 1 lady owner l/mile tip-top RM15,800 loan 100%. 012-3716423 / 012-3218118

8. PROTON WIRA 1.3 (M) A/B '2000 1 owner met l/mile acc free perfect cond RM16,500 Loan 100% 03-42577333

9. PROTON WIRA 1.5GLi (M) 06 1 owner met green s/rims 100% acc free RM35.8k otr nett 016-3302156, 016-6166432

10.PROTON WIRA 1.6 (A) A/B '1999 1 owner met l/mile accident free perfect cond RM 19,000 loan 100% 03-42577333

senarai kereta terpakai KIA

senarai kereta terpakai bagi keluarga kia spectra, sphia, caren, sportages

1. KIA SPECTRA 1.6 (A) 05 Mi-Tech 16V. 1 Datin Owner, Silver, Abs, L/Seat, Full B/Kit. 37,500 017-2821576

2. KIA CARENS 1.8 (A) '2001, 1 owner, 2 digit no, sunroof, RM40,000. Please call 012-2393939

3. KIA CARNIVAL 2.5 (A) '2000 1 owner met low mile acc free tip-top cond RM37,500 Loan 100% 03-42577333

4. KIA SEPHIA 1.5 (A) '99 1 owner met low mileage acc free perfect cond RM13,800 neg 03-42577333

5. KIA SEPHIA 1.5 (A) '99 1 lady owner ABS brake low mile met blue RM14,800, otr 499 012-3716423 / 012-3218118

6. KIA SPECTRA 1.6 (A) '2003 tip-top, 1 owner, met. black, l/seat seat, D/p by credit card. RM32,800. Hon 019-3218229

7. KIA SPECTRA '01, 1 owner, silver, leather seat, acc free, RM25,200. 019-219 3122 / 012-338 0907 (Cheras)

8. KIA SPORTAGE Dec '99, crystal light, 1 owner, acc free, w/kept. RM22,800. 019-219 3122 / 012-3380907 Cheras

9. KIA & NAZA '07 Suria d/p RM188 mthly RM338, Sutera d/p RM388 mthly RM250, Bistari d/p RM288 mthly RM588, Spectra d/p RM299 mthly RM599. All model free down payment, cash voucher until RM8,000 while stock last, Hurry up! High trade-in. Discount until RM5,000. 42974522/3, 42977800, 019-3507443, 019-3329419

10.KIA CARENS 1.8 (A) '02 1 Mat Saleh owner l/mile l/seat full service record RM4xK. 012-2687838 / 012-3777838

11.KIA NAZARIA New special offer d/pRM388 mthly RM888 Cash voucher RM8,000. Call 03-42974522 / 012-2714960 / 019-3507443 / 019-3329419

12.KIA CITRA new down payment RM0, Cash voucher RM3000. Call 03-42974522/3, 019-3507443, 019-3329419

13.KIA RIO 1.3 (A) '03, 1 owner, low mileage, accident free, tip-top condition, RM28,800, loan 95%. Please contact Ja-ckson 92851531 (017-6785625)

14.KIA SORENTO new free d/p FOC accessories RM10,500, Price RM122K. Call 42974522/3, 019-3507443, 019-3329419

September 6, 2007


sekarang begitu popular mengenai hybrid sehinggakan honda mengeluarkan honda hybrid.
apakah hybrid? bolehkan hybrid digunakan pada kereta terpakai?

Sales of hybrid vehicles jumped 140 percent in the past year, and auto manufacturers have finally gotten off their tuchuses and taken notice. More and more models are being offered with hybrid power plants, and many more will be coming in the next few years.

Whether consumer demand will keep pace with the increasing supply isn't known. Much depends upon the price of a gallon of gas in the coming years and whether other, better technologies emerge and mature.

While the first few hybrids to reach the U.S. market, the Prius and Honda's Insight, were designed as hybrids from the ground up, the trend now is to add hybrid technology antara kereta yang menggunakannya— the Honda Accord, Toyota Highlander, and the Ford Escape. Tidak lama lagi penjual kereta baru atau kereta terpakai akan bertanya begini kepada anda, "Would you like the four-cylinder, the six-cylinder, or the hybrid? OK, how about a five-year protection plan for your fuzzy dice?"

We'd take this increasing availability as a sign that the technology is maturing, and owning a hybrid no longer puts you in with the pocket-protector-wearing, recumbent-bicycle set. Hybrids no longer call attention to themselves, and drive pretty much like any other vehicle.

Hybrids are proof that you can have your tofu cake and eat it, too. Once you've swallowed the purchase price premium, it's a relatively painless way to do your part to reduce your impact on the planet — and save on gas costs, too.

jadi sekiranya anda pembeli kereta, kereta jenis apakah yang akan anda pilih?

September 4, 2007

kereta terpakai perodua

perodua kelisa
1.0 EZ (A)
1 owner
well maintained
accident free
good cond
trade in welcome
price RM 24,000
Danny 012-337 1222

perodua kelisa 1.0 (A)
1 owner
well maintained
accident free
good cond
rm 23,000
012-304 0768, 03-9074 7312

perodua kenari 1.0 aerosport (M)
like new
low interest
1 owner
clean interior
well maintained
accident free
trade in welcome
rm 27,800 NEG
012-392 1336, 012 386 8899
location gombak

perodua MYVI 1.3 (M)
like new
1 owner
must view
trade in welcome
perfect condition
RM 37,xxx
019 282 1053, 012 666 2905

September 2, 2007

kereta terpakai proton perdana

proton perdana 2.0 v6 (A)
L/interest, clean interior, must view, L/arrangeable
trade in welcome
RM 41,500
contact 012-392 1336
location gombak

proton perdana 2.0 v6 (A)
1 owner
clean interior
well maintained
accident free
loan RM 38,000
price RM 36,000
contact 016-3922383, 016-322 3783
location ampang

proton perdana 2.0L v6 (executive) (A)
like new
well maintained
accident free good running connd,
loan RM 45,000
price RM 43,900
contact- 013-6666626, 03-87396866
location kajang



National car manufacturer PROTON is now in a position to share its best practices, processes and experiences with its global technology partners to ensure that the best product possible is delivered to customers.

"We have the processes in place, we have the technology and we have capability. After two decades of being in the automotive industry, PROTON has reached the stage where we no longer take technology; we are able to offer it to the best in the world," said PROTON Chief Executive Officer Y.M Tengku Tan Sri Dr. Mahaleel Tengku Ariff.

Mahaleel said the time has come for the national car to pit itself against the best in the world by continuously challenging itself, shortening product development time and providing better service to customers.

"This translates into better value for our customers and of course, better business for us as we build the brand," said Mahaleel in his keynote address to senior PROTON executives, vendors and technology partners in Subang Jaya today during the company's seminar on products, quality and cost management.

He said PROTON now needs to share its expertise with its partners, while adopting their best practices, so that synergy is created to ensure that quality is built into everything.

"We have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience which we can share with our partners, while we can continue to learn from them, to ensure there is a continuous improvement in our products. The Proton we produce today is not the same product as before and it will be an even better product in the future," added Mahaleel.

The three day seminar aims to set the company's sights on establishing synergy for its management and systems templates for products, quality management and project management throughout PROTON and vendors working with it.

Over 100 participants from PROTON and the automotive industry will meet during the seminar to discuss how the national car project can move forward by sharing global excellence standards.

"Malaysia is one of the four countries out of 19 in Asia that can design a car from zero to production and we have come a very long way in developing our indigenous capability. PROTON has something to offer global technology vendors and we have something to learn from them. This mutual recognition s validation of Malaysia and PROTON's capability," said Mahaleel.

PROTON, he said, has a very clear vision of what it can achieve and one of this has materialized in the form of the CAMPRO engine and GEN.2, which were both developed with Lotus.

"We have already developed very cost effective systems and that is very clever engineering. What we have to do now is make sure we work with the best partners to ensure that we produce the best product for our customers."

If your have any enquiries, please contact the persons below:-

Fauziyah Abu Hassan
Head, Corp. Communications
Tel: 03-51952112

David Ong-Yeoh
WestCoast Comm. Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03-79544504